Zauważaj film i kampanię społeczną

The “Zauważaj” documentary film production is driven by the deeper purpose and meaning of the Powiślańska Fundacja Społeczna. In order to deliver the message and to experience the story about the children of the foundation, a campaign and film premiere event was jointly organized by Vienna Life, PFS, Golden Submarine and Ziemba.

Together with Vienna Life we at Ziemba delved deeper into the meaning and need of the foundation. The meaning that should be translated into the purpose of the documentary production had to be found and defined. By various brainstorm sessions and meetings with the foundation’s stakeholders the fundamental meaning of the documentary film was set. Nevertheless, the story was yet to discover. Film director Sebastiaan Ziemba visited the children of the foundation for 6 weeks as volunteer to support, feel, and experience their ongoing and ordinary lives. This more thorough look made it able to connect both meaning with reality. Months of speaking, writing and preparing research came together to one documentary structure: Zauważaj (English: noticing).

“Within 30 years of the Powiślańska Fundacja Społeczna existence, we’ve never received a support as overwhelming as this documentary film production”

– Małgorzata Michałowicz, PFS Board Member

The main organizer of the campaign’s premiere event didn’t only host the start of the overarching social campaign. Vienna Life, a finance and insurance company, powered the overall purpose of the documentary production and execution of the “Zauważaj” social campaign. The company claims that life development comes among the opportunities you receive, create and share. Vienna Life recognized the potential and lack of possibilities among the children of the Powiślańska Fundacja Społeczna. By powering the campaign and investing in the film production Vienna Life proves being more than financially interested only.

To deliver the message in the accurate way and to create an additional supporting role for the foundation, the social campaign has been launched along the distribution of the documentary film. The premiere event functioned as the start of the both online as offline campaign. Documentary film based advertisements were promoted via online and social media to increase the online awareness of the overarching campaign. The following understanding of the foundation’s purpose and the practical supporting ability were set as the primary targets of the campaign’s landing-page Due to the meaning of noticing one another, the social campaign has been taken to the streets of Warsaw. Social conversations and the foundation’s awareness increased by the spreading of children’s cookies. The sweet bite of attention that came from the neglected children towards their surrounding society delivered the authentic value on top of the spread out campaign information.

The need to notice the ones that feel neglected in our society might not be positive itself. Nevertheless, the overall experience and importance that came through producing the . documentary film gave us at Ziemba an overwhelming and warm social understanding.

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