Kraków, miasto sportu

Ziemba and ZIS, the Sports Infrastructure Management of Krakow, collaborated to position Krakow as the international city of sports! This production is powered by many sport events and resulted in a 30 seconds spot and a 3 minutes commercial.

Within this film production we aimed to position Krakow as the great possibility for those who are interested in both visiting and participating in sport events. The production gives you a diverse look into the possible way towards your unique experience. The way towards Krakow, the City of Sports!

The municipal of Krakow devotes a great focus on organizing, supporting and empowering sport possibilities. The sport infrastructure management, ZIS, connects the outstanding city culture with the best sport facilities. Starting from the locals and up to the biggest arenas. They make sure that all the recreational, amateur and professional athletes are all welcome within the Krakow sport events. Krakow, the next step to take within the scope of sports!

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