Creative translations of
message into visuals

Ziemba works deeper than a nice visualization only; an extra layer, which fulfills all your project and communication goals.

We make strategic choices and we combine them with our storytelling. Ziemba collaborates with various film professionals and will always search for the most creative and effective way to visualize and execute your ideas.

In this way we will find a unique narrative which fits and represents all of your project goals by creating e.g. corporate films, commercials, documentaries or artistic film productions.

Video content marketing

We at Ziemba are focused on creating the ideal film or video production for many various purposes. Your desired goal is well directed inside of each film production, nevertheless we understand this might not be enough.

Often we notice that productions are being distributed without a medium specific marketing approach or plan. This possibly results Into a film seen by your audience, yet without the reached desired effect or marketing behavior. Would you like to take that risk?

Read below how Ziemba can support your marketing purposes via the Campaign REC service!

Campaign REC.

We at Ziemba find it important to get the most out of the possible production, marketing goals and KPI’s. Your goals and our knowledge resulting in a desired strategic plan. Therefor we offer our new service product: Campaign REC. Your film strategic marketing solution!

Campaign REC is a service provided by our own internal marketing specialists. Take a look via the link below  and find out more about the start of our process. This might become your start towards the final and desired goal.