Why cancel when you can live stream

Nothing beats a live event. However, present times call for creative solutions. There are multiple options possible before completely cancelling e.g. your business conference. Our current time is the example of our live and online needs. Communication may stay have no limits as long as we’re online.

One of the options before canceling e.g. a life conference is to plan it as a livestream conference. This creates the possibility to communicate without the physical presence of all the visitors. As an addition to their online presence, out of your livestream you can create a video that can be viewed later on-demand. We’re all witnessing the impact of the streaming strengths, now that world leaders are communicating across their nations about health and security. Here we will show you a few strong points of live-streaming conferences, events and other content needed to broadcast:

  • Stream live to all of the visitors that can’t be there.
  • Provide visitors, partners or colleagues a valuable alternative to stay updated.
  • Create a list of past livestreams that can be viewed on-demand and at any time later on.
  • Use parts of the livestreams as short videos or as visual content for later communication or video productions.

The two most frequently used and most popular live-streaming platforms are Facebook and Youtube. We understand that in some events or occasions the privacy has a certain importance. Therefore, think carefully about the platform you choose:

YouTube includes three streaming options:
  1. Public streaming, accessible to everyone and easy to find via the Google search engine.
  2. Unlisted streaming can be viewed only if you have the specific streaming link.
  3. Private streaming can be viewed only after receiving an invitation and after logging in with a google account.
Facebook includes four streaming options:
  1. Timeline live, accessible to everyone who is viewing your personal timeline.
  2. Page live, accessible to everyone who is following your business page or has access to view your page.
  3. Group live can be viewed only if you are part of a certain Facebook group.
  4. Event live can be viewed only when you are invited or listed as a member of that specific Facebook event.

Briefly, every type of event can take place regardless the situation you or your company is in. Communication that supposed to be in real life can still be replaced by communication through the internet. Thereby live streaming offers your event the opportunity to stay close to the audience that you decide on and allow to participate. In doing so, you have control over the audience you allow and that participate.

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