Any product, service or brand related message can be communicated in different ways. Traditional marketing therefore often looks for the shortest route from opportunity to solution, where the solution represents your service or product.

We like to look at it differently, because the most direct route does not always have to mean the most effective route. Research shows that a presented conclusion is experienced more confidentially on the basis of recognizable situation sketches. This scientifically paved the way for storytelling within marketing. Now of course this is nothing new that has never happened, but we would venture to say that storytelling is perhaps still too little integrated within the marketing landscape. That being said, we understand that selling a pen can be communicated very directly and simply. However, the story can firstly make the viewer, reader or target audience believe, imagine and experience. Secondly, you’ll notice that this story directs to using, encouraging or experiencing one of your services, brand values or products. An outcome that is not directly brought, but an outcome that is concluded by your audience itself. It is instead of the classic sales persuasion an own and intrinsic motivation to use your services, products or values. This gives us enough reason to find, use and communicate your story.

In the video below you can see the making of the commercial spot we made together with the city of Krakow. By combining the city’s culture, sports and ambitions we were able to conceptually build an appropriate and all-encompassing story. The viewer will not only see what the city has to offer, but will also experience in a nutshell how a day in Krakow can be experienced.


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