Our urban visualized collaboration

A story can be written, visualized and filmed within Ziemba. Nevertheless, film isn’t the only medium where storytelling comes in its strength. Enzeaux is a music collective with a clear drive for developing storytelling into music by using their own vision within the urban and hiphop scene.

A collaboration with Enzeaux was a step in the right direction since we at Ziemba believe that storytelling and developing your own vision within your niche is something powerful. Thus making this a great opportunity for both parties to combine their strength and mutual drive.

So far we’ve created three music videoclips for Enzeaux. The last created one, “A Way Out”, resulted in a five minute short film which is based on one of the latest tracks powered by Enzeaux (stream via Spotify). We started by creating a scenario based on the concept of “Niet Safe”. We didn’t literally translate lyrics into film, but we actually took it a step further by converting the thoughts behind the lyrics into a script that was worthy of a short film. In that way the short film did provide the necessary support of the track without being over descriptive.

“ By their clear focus on storytelling and the usage of emotions, Ziemba knows exactly which story to tell and the right way the story should be told ”  – Devan Jaspers, founder Enzeaux

The clip has been produced in Warsaw due to the balance between the raw and dark look that can be seen within different parts of the film. When possible we prefer working with third parties who, just as we, have a certain amount of interest in the work of our client. We think that common interest delivers the best products. For this reason we worked with local film professionals from Warsaw who could identify themselves with the work by Enzeaux.

The production process for “A Way Out” started in an early stage. When possible, we like to get involved during the creative writing process of a track. Based on the creative decisions made by the artist and the music collective we’re able to conceptualize from a cinematic perspective alongside the writing process. Nevertheless, a collaboration from scratch is not a necessity. We’re able to adapt our workflow in any stage of the clients work or project. However we did notice that the earlier we’re involved in these intense writing phases, the better we’re able to create a supporting concept.

We will continue our collaboration with Enzeaux with great enthusiasm. We’re pushing our limits within every production to bring the best out of each other. In this way it’s possible for Enzeaux to deliver the music videos and content to its followers.

Within Ziemba we admire musicians and labels. We understand the visual  importance within a musical career and we would be honored to help you get the exposure you need by starting a collaboration. In case you’re interested don’t hesitate to contact us. Not quite sure yet? Take a look at our portfolio page to see some of the other productions we’ve created.

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