Online video performance

The online presence has become one of the most valuable strengths in current COVID-19 times. Some of us represent companies, while dancing or singing artists present themselves only. Yet we all are in need of that shared online environment to keep on reaching, convincing and connecting with audience of our interests. Now that concerts are being cancelled, that society is working from home and sport clubs are being shutdown, the moment is here to not only show our presence via the internet, but to simultaneously benefit from the online presence of your audience.

Online video content is one of the most powerful ways to market your performance, event or services. Video has the ability to hold a viewer’s attention longer than regular text or image. Nevertheless, this ability can only work as long as you create and share your type of video for your possible viewer specifically.

Video content as your marketing strength

Users are watching video content increasingly on various platforms. Whether it’s a blog, Instagram advertisement or simply via YouTube, they are expecting to find more video content. With video becoming a great influence on consumer decisions, it comes as no surprise that the right video at the right time is better than the perfect video too late.

There are multiple different kinds of video content you might think of and that can suit your audience. An informational video is one of the most frequently created kind of video. Within these videos you inform your audience about your services, products or performances. However, we often see other forms as well:

  1. Google / Youtube advertisement
  2. Branding commercials
  3. Customer review video
  4. Product review video
  5. Interview video
  6. Product tutorial
  7. Presentation video
  8. Recordings of live streams

We’ve worked together with the financial and insurance company Vienna Life on filming a financial update. This review video is created to be communicated through their owned online investment platform. Below you can see how a written article can become attractive and effective for the online performance:


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Your artistic performance online

The online presence as an artist becomes inevitable. The time that an artists could rely on the popularity of one of their theater-productions, live performances or television shows has evolved into a time where the online presence verifies whether the artists are still as good their last performance.

That online recognition demands a lot from you as an artist. However, it creates the opportunity to gain popularity and recognition, which can lead to a faster and more efficient flow of incoming artistic work. In the current quarantine period, the online environment is one of the only environments where your audience can be reached; which offers new opportunities.

Making online video content can become as complicated or as simple as you prefer. The easily made video below shows how singing artist Adele used her artistic and video marketing value already back in 2011. Throughout her shared personal experiences she doesn’t only present herself and her performance naturally, but as well humanly and transparent towards her entire online fan base.

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