Online education

Online education has become an essential teaching form due to the global COVID-19 outbreak. Something that used to take place mainly within secondary education now also turns out to be highly important for the very youngest pupils. By thinking carefully about the right video content and working it out in the right way, the added value can be surprisingly high.

Online video education goes further than providing a student the ability to do their homework properly. While producing educational videos we have noticed the difference between the general online education and online video education. The three main topics written below can become your school’s benefit especially during our current COVID-19 times.

Independent Learning 

Students develop better when they discover something on their own. An answer, subject or (sports) movement that they discover for themselves will nestle better in their memory than when they get served. This independent process increases the intrinsic motivation to successfully accomplish the online video class. It also stimulates the self-esteem and self-confidence of the student. The proper needed correction with feedback and support is essential in this matter.

Student engagement

Now that all students are at home, the distance between the teacher and the students increases, yet this does not have to be at the expense of involvement. Providing online material creates the opportunity to continue the planned work in an engaging way. By providing online video education that is recorded from the natural study environment, such as the student’s classroom, the student can be encouraged to learn.

Future education

In the coming years time the usage of online materials and video content will be increasing. The digital world is expanding and the society is changing along. That education evolves in the digital direction is nothing new to tell, yet the offer of online video education on distance is currently finding its way through. All the video content that has been made today can be used next week, next month or even next year again. This makes online education not only an investment in the lockdown minded time, but an investment in the longer therm.

As soon as schools reopen and regular classes are allowed to start again, online video can continue to support education. While a teacher has put the group of students to work, the online video material can serve as independent educational support. If you need to differentiate between students, use your online video education for the extra work or support.

We’ve supported Twentyfour not only in the creation of video education. Ziemba has also redeveloped the web platform for a higher online video performance!

We at Ziemba collaborated with various educational institutes. Whether you come from primary education, higher education, a dance studio or a company and want to teach your audience something, Ziemba can help you succeed. We have the necessary work experience to conceive and realize all possible educational video content. Have you already thought about the possibility that suits your school or education establishment? Find here a few of our examples:

  1. Dance choreography – video classes
  2. Dance and sport techniques – video exercises
  3. Primary school material – explanation video
  4. High school material – video exercises
  5. Businesses and universities – video lectures
  6. Business education – video case studies

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