Modern customers

Within the marketing landscape there is a lot of talk about the new kind of consumer. A contemporary consumer that is very different from the values coming from the classic marketing theories. This sounds very logical, but is this really the case?

We believe that there are many differences within the spectrum of today’s consumer versus the consumer of ten years ago. However, we do not call this the new, but the modern consumer. From our experience we believe that the consumer does not have many different goals or requirements. Where through the years the environment of the consumer changes, the consumer asks to handle the necessities differently. Now that we are all in a digitally developed era, the demands within the digital world of and around the consumer have automatically increased. When we dive deeper into this, we find interesting behavioral factors. Through years and years of development within the field of online advertising, consumers have become so accustomed to the fact that the product comes to them. As a result, we have noticed that consumers are less likely to actively look for the necessities such as products or services themselves. In addition to offering products, the so-called customer journey is also designed for ease of use, so that the consumer does not have to bother with much, does not have to ask for much information and can complete the process from his or her own chair. On top of this comes the effect of the social media landscape where much revolves around what you personally find interesting. The algorithm is geared to dynamically tailor content to your interests. Combine this knowledge with online advertising and/or digital conveniences, and you find yourself right in the spectrum of what we call the modern consumer.

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