Zauwazaj – Documentary film

A documentary film that allows you to experience the social environment around us and the needs it requires.

We live in a society where not everybody has the ability to develop or to live careless. Some children are coming home safely, yet some children will stay home neglected. A child should be able to run around and play along their joy by attention. Therefore a child requires a place where it can be itself.

The PFS foundation supports children within the city of Warsaw. Yet the foundation can’t fill in the gap and lack of attention in the entire everyday life of these children. Therefore they need the support of the surrounding social environment. Vienna Life, a financial and insurance company, does its best to use its power and employees in this matter. Their effort results into one joyful day within the foundation, yet this is only another single brick in the wall for these children of Warsaw.

We live individual lives and we multitask ourselves through all duties and expectations. Receiving attention starts by noticing the society around you. Experience within this documentary how Vienna Life lawyer Jakub, PFS teacher Ania and PFS child Magda are crossing their paths.

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Featuring: Jakub Sewerynik, Anka Baj and Magda Osipiak

Film produced by Ziemba

Film directed by Sebastiaan Ziemba
Director of Photography: Marcin Magiera
Edited by Jakiv Komarynsky
Sound recordists: Stanisław Najmiec, Karol Szykowny, Marcin Popławski
Sound design by Stanisław Najmiec
Color grading by Sebastiaan Ziemba

Powered by Vienna Life TU na Życie S.A. and Powiślańska Fundacja Społeczna

Special thanks to: Locomotive, Golden Submarine and Ja Cie Kręce.