Justin de Jager – Underneath

‘A dialogue between two different perspectives, a soft struggle in an infinite silence, yet why they belong to the same picture.’

Choreographed and performed by Justin de Jager and Anastasia Belyaeva
Music by Max Richter, track: On reflection

Film produced by Ziemba
Directed by Sebastiaan Ziemba
Camera assistance by Roald Hendertink
Featuring Justin de Jager, Anastasia Belyaeva and Alyona Zemlyanskaya
DOP by Sebastiaan Ziemba
Art direction by Justin de Jager and Anastasia Belyaeva
Location scout by Luc de Raad
Location at Amsterdamse Hogeschool van de Kunsten
Photography by Alyona Zemlyanskaya
Kapstok from Cafe Crea