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Within this ‘5 years Ziemba‘ promotion you can benefit from 50% discount on any of our video marketing services!

We offer three different possibilities within our video marketing service. Read more about it here

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The three video marketing package services we offer are:

1. Video strategy
Together we will establish a strong video marketing basis, for example: What elements should we include in the video so that your message arrives successfully?

2. Social Media marketing
In this we will work together to ensure that the right social media channels are used strategically with an appropriate visualization. A nice video is always nice, but in the end it has to be seen by the target audience or viewer!

3. Creative campaign
From the beginning to the end, we will take care of everything together! From the strategic design to the distribution of the video, we will support you!

Full overview of package service:
Creative Campaign Package – Overview and Explanation

This discount can be used only once and can be requested until 31-07-2021.



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