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Our services includes:

Content strategy

Content writing

Advertising (diverse)

Graphic design

Why does a company need to be active on LinkedIn?  

Your business probably already worked on an online presence. Having multiple online communication channels might feel like enough. Nevertheless, your communication needs to reach important and business related audiences. LinkedIn includes these important audiences. Together we can connect your goals with the right content, strategy and frequency. By this approach we guide you corporate communication goals effectively towards its audience. 

How will we succeed together? 

Each various possible goal can result in a different platform strategy. Therefor we will start this process together by analyzing your desired campaign result. Speaking about your LinkedIn activity, every point of strategy will be determined on whether your satisfaction comes out of e.g. brand awareness or successful recruitment.

Together we will set the right audience, determine and create the right content, plan the communication and overall activity wisely, and so, guide an effective message into the desired LinkedIn communication goal.