Our services includes:

Account set-up

Google Tag Manager

Campaign and Ads management

Campaign and Ads strategy





Google Analytics

Conversion tracking

Why is Google Ads so important in digital marketing?  

Modern consumer’s profile is described as demanding and impatient. In their journey to discover needed product or service they rarely will go to a second page in search results. They rather expect first positions to present what they are looking for. If your business does not appear on those positions that means your competitors will leave you little to no chance to appear in front of your clients at all.

Google Ads these days, of course, goes far beyond only ads in search results, but also holds information about your ideal consumer profile and provides various opportunities to match them with your business across countless mediums.

How do we help your business grow with Google Ads?

We know that each business is different and has own special communication with its customers, which we only want to strengthen, fortify and broaden. We don’t apply one common strategy, we rely on measurements and provide craftsmanship. We carry out thorough research about your clients journey and build individual strategy that aligns with your sales funnel to derive maximum benefit from Google Ads. This sometimes means we can only use one medium and sometimes exploit all possibilities, again depending on what will suit your business.