What does experience marketing mean?

There is no doubt that experience is considered a key concept in marketing today. Experiential marketing is a strategic concept referring to a wide range of marketing activities responsible for creating and causing relevant and meaningful experiences and emotions for consumers.

Experiential marketing can be seen as a marketing tactic designed by a business to stage the (entire) physical environment and operational processes for its customers to experience.


What is a consumer looking for?

When deciding to buy a selected product, the consumer is looking for happiness, excitement, new forms of fulfillment and basic values ​​that are often found in real-life occasions.

For a consumer, experiential marketing is a creative activation that allows them to engage and interact with brands, products, and services in sensory ways. Have you seen, tried, taste or felt that? These are the regular resulting questions experiential marketing creates.

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What can you experience? 

We focus on creating consumer engagement activities that are scalable and can deliver benefits:

  1. increasing brand awareness and recognition,
  2. enable the so-important today process of “brand humanization” and the recruitment of new consumers, 
  3. strengthening the loyalty of current consumers,
  4. increasing sales volume.

The marketing strategies we implement for our clients are related to telling the story of the brand. They include e.g. product launches, corporate events, sponsorship, pop-up stores, VR campaigns, virtual events, training, and roadshows.

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