Digital with a human touch

The digital world is known for working a lot and mostly with data and information. In a sense, this is and will continue to be the case. However, this is often still not enough to convince your target audience. Often it depends on the use and purpose you have as a company around digital data. This is where the human aspect comes in.

We believe that monitoring, controlling and using data should be combined with a human touch. When hard factual data is combined with the right emotion, intention and appropriate language, then numerical data suddenly becomes a source of reliable communication. In this way, we always keep an eye on the actual opportunities, possibilities and limits, while not losing sight of the all-important human communication. As a company, in addition to offering services and products, it is also important to support the environment of the target group. This can be directly around your services, like improving your customer journey, but it can also be an investment that shows the commitment of your company to the target group.

One of the examples around the latter situation can result in the use of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The moment your company will give something back to the target group, society, the climate or maybe even charities, your target group and employees will feel more involved with your business. To create this result many aspects will have to fall together like pieces of a puzzle. Think for example of a social interest or morality that actually fits your target group, the absolute reason why your company finds this important or finding the right way to support the social issue. Does one of these puzzle pieces not fit? Then your target audience doesn’t believe in it. We are convinced that when we tap into the appropriate human sentiment from the knowledge of data, it can produce wonderful and multiplying results.

Via the screen below you can watch the trailer of our “CSR” documentary production “Zauwazaj“. Within this production, we teamed up with the insurance company Vienna Life to create a short documentary and social campaign to demonstrate the life insecurity of many children in the city of Warsaw.


Read here more about the campaign, see here more of the overall production here or go directly to the social campaign landingspage.