What we find important 

We’re aware the highest quality is what you expect. That you’ve seen it all. Great moving marketing campaigns. Astonishing visuals or next level productions. We understand this is a development that goes further than the greatest colors on-screen. It’s an out of the box thinking that develops that quality. It’s a certain expertise that comes from underneath.

We talk about a result that empowers that human feeling. A natural feeling that can direct to your brand. An importance to find and use that opportunity. The importance to set the higher quality, even more than you expect.

How we make believe

Narrativity is the therm for the specific way to experience a story. The viewer must follow this certain path to understand, feel and believe your story. Different moments, actions, or dialogues can take the viewer in a new direction. That influence, our so-called creative narrative, constitutes our promised quality that translates your communication or marketing message through an effective story experience.

Storytelling comes in more than movies only. A story can guide your message through all types of marketing campaigns. Storytelling can make your audience understand the need of your product, brand or community. It can make everybody believe.

Project experience 

By working with a variety of clients, we have not only learned from all their diverse markets or artistic areas. We thankfully conclude that together with these client we have been able to reach and realize various project goals and personal expectations.

Find here a selection of our clients:

Diversity as our strength

Every campaign or production needs different qualities and a precise project set-up. One change can make a big the difference, such as the cinematography in filmmaking, the lighting in video productions or the strategists in digital marketing. Within Ziemba, we create a team and production crew based on the exact needs to strengthen the process and maximize the quality of your final result.

Sebastiaan Ziemba
Owner – Film director


Michelle Ziemba
Finance – TAX Advisor


Roald Hendertink
Marketeer – Camera operator


Anastasiia Kostiuk
Digital Marketing Specialist


Are you in?
We search for various
creative professionals.


Marcin Magiera
Director of Photography


Yakiv Komarynsky
Film Editor


Stanislaw Najmiec
Audio design – operator


Maciej Witkowski
Film Producer