Our experience 

Within Ziemba, we believe that various types of experiences create a strong combination of knowledge and quality. To develop these strengths, we always try to see different cinematic forms in the perspective of new possibilities.

Our mix of experiences includes genres such as documentary, commercials, corporate and artistic films.

Creative narratives 
and Storytelling

Narrativity creates the specific way a viewer experiences the story. The viewer must follow a certain path to understand, feel and believe the story. Different moments, actions, or dialogues can take the viewer in a new direction. That aspect, the so-called creative narrative, constitutes our promised quality that translates your commercial value into an effective story experience.

—  Sebastiaan Ziemba, Utrecht 2017

Our clients

By working with a variety of different clients, we have not only learned from new areas, but have also been able to reach and realize diverse expectations.

See a selection of our clients here:

Diversity as our strength

Every film production needs different qualities and a precise quality film set. One change can make all the difference, such as the cinematography, the lighting, the sound recordings or even within the overall production. Within Ziemba, we create a team and film crew based on the exact needs to strengthen the production to the maximum quality we could achieve.

Sebastiaan Ziemba
Owner – Film director


Michelle Ziemba
Finance – TAX Advisor


Roald Hendertink
Marketeer – Camera operator


Anastasiia Kostiuk
SEO – SEM Specialist


Are you in?
We search for various
creative professionals.


Marcin Magiera
Director of Photography


Yakiv Komarynsky
Film Editor


Stanislaw Najmiec
Audio design – operator


Maciej Witkowski
Film Producer