Een samenwerking in beweging

Ziemba and Twentyfour Dance Centre started their collaboration back in 2015. Since Ziemba has affinity with the dance scene, this collaboration turned out to be Twentyfour’s logical step in building a strong brand within the segment of culture and sports.

Over the past three years we created a series of event films, class videos and other marketing media solutions to support Twentyfour’s goal in becoming the all round solution for dancers in both the business as private sector.

Twentyfour speaks to a wide range of dancers varying from freelancers who are trying to build a dance career as well to kids and their parents to enthuse them for getting into the world of dance.

Recently we’ve created a film for the annually “New Years Dance Day” event. These events are an important part of Twentyfour since young, adults, professional and amateur are all participating together on this event to kickstart the new year. By attending these events we understand that dance itself is an important creative outlet for both young and old. We’re keen on delivering the best quality but not at the cost of the fun that’s being experienced in the process of making these videos and films.

“ Within Twentyfour we focus on the pleasure of dance. We admire to reach max. qualitative levels, but the togetherness is just as important for us ”  – Jarino Tummers, Owner 24 DC

We believe that the vision of our clients should as well be experienced during the making of video or film productions such as these. Dance in particular can be a very intimate form of art. Therefore it’s our goal to make sure that both we ourselves as the clients and participants feel at ease and relaxed while shooting. A healthy dose of humor and fun during these shootings makes it easier for the dancers to perform their art, as well as for us to get the most out of our shots, which is in good favour of the final result.

We’re thrilled that Twentyfour is more than happy with our collaboration. It’s noteworthy saying that we also profit on a creative level from collaborations such as these. Every project is another way for us to learn about the niche in which the client active in is as well as how to improve by implementing these learnings into our future products. Over the past few years we’ve seen that close collaborations, such as these, deliver better products. In this way, a collaboration with Ziemba never feels as one-way traffic.

As for 2019 Ziemba will continue its collaboration with Twentyfour. We are excited to be part of a development that offers qualitative solutions for dancers and for being such a positive influence on the community. If you’re interested in the work of Twentyfour please do checkout their website.

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