Our experience

Within Ziemba we believe that diverse experiences are creating a strong combination of knowledge and quality. In order to develop this strength we always try to see different film and video areas in the perspective of new possibilities. It gives us new chances to crossover film specific strengths into different and unusual areas, and so, new paths to new creative and successful environments.

Our mixture of experiences in e.g. dance, corporate, commercial and documentary teaches us that quality comes through the flexibility in diverse experiences.

Creative narratives
and Storytelling

Narrativity creates the specific way how a viewer experiences the story. The viewer should follow a certain path to understand, feel and believe the story. Different moments, actions or dialogues can send the viewer into a new direction. Whether the story works independently or towards a commercial purpose, the narrative can lead your way. That quality, the so called creative narrative, forms our promised way to translate commercial values into an effective storytelling experience.

—  Sebastiaan Ziemba, Utrecht 2017

We’ve worked with

We’ve happily worked with several and different kinds of clients. Every client has its own experience, expectations and working environment, yet we will share the experience we’ve gained via the different fields and assignments.

See here a various selection of our clients:

Diversity as our strength

Every film production needs diverse qualities and a precise qualitative filmset. One change can make your difference, such as the cinematography, lightning, audio records or even within the executive production. Within Ziemba we create a team and filmcrew based on the exact needs to strengthen the production up to the maximal quality we could reach.

Sebastiaan Ziemba
Owner – Film Director


Michelle Ziemba
Finance – TAX Advisor


Roald Hendertink
Marketeer – Camera operator


Anastasiia Kostiuk
SEO – SEM Specialist


Marcin Magiera
Director of Photography
[project based]


Yakiv Komarynsky
Film Editor
[project based]


Stanislaw Najmiec
Audio design – operator
[project based]


Maciej Witkowski
Film Producer
[project based]


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